Missing Grads

Bishop Neumann High School - Class of 1967

The Bishop Neumann High School Class of 1967 has lost contact with several of our fellow grads. If you know where any of these people are, or how we can locate them, please drop us an e-mail. .

    Beaumount, Susan

    Beiter, Diane

    Jim Collard

    Conway, Ed

    Eckert-Kuechler, Linda

    Gruber, Cynthia

    Keller, Janet

    Klein, Catherine

    Leapart, Terry

    Magee, Patrick

    Pat Marcin

    McGee, Kathy

    McGinley, Carole

    Miller, Bill

    Mohr, Rich

    Montfort, Suzanne

    Mulcahy, Susan

    Redding, Patricia

    Riederer, Kathleen

    Suarez, Myra

    Vasco, Vivian

    Vilano, Maria

    Wagner, Jacqueline

    Maureen Ward

    Whipple, Janet

    Wilcox, Rosemary